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The secret elephant in the room - Manning and WikiLeaks

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Today is International Bradley Manning Support Day and the world is showing their support for Manning who is accused of leaking secret US documents.

I'm going to address the "elephant in the room" by boldly asking a question that no one else is asking: How would a single E-3 soldier in the Army gain access to hundreds of thousands of secret government documents in the first place???

Why are they torturing Manning, when no one has held the war criminals accountable for the heinous acts documented in these leaks?

Shouldn't we also be punishing all of those who were responsible for keeping our secret government documents safe from peering eyes?

If Manning is guilty, his act was committed with good intentions. What damage could have been done by someone who has bad intentions?

Former New York Times counsel James Goodale: "DoD admits fault for leak yet only investigation is into Assange. Through incompetence & carelessness, it has permitted a huge national security leak which could have been easily prevented. On the other hand, Assange has exercised his right under the First Amendment to publish, as have others, including the New York Times."

For more information on the Bradley Manning case visit:

Best regards,

-- Gary Wright II

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