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Misogyny is so old-fashioned. Girls can do it too!

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Folks, it is 2011. Why is misogyny (the hatred of women) still so popular and still propagating? Women have had so many achievements that I don't understand how anybody could think they don't deserve equality.

Women in Business

From the corporate perspective, women are not getting the same jobs or equal pay as men with the exact same qualifications. As I write this, over a million lawsuits have been filed against Wal-Mart for gender inequality. How can the largest retailer in the country not understand this issue and fix it?

Women in the Military

When I entered Navy boot camp in October of 1991, women had just been given the right to fight alongside men in the military. As I graduated boot camp, the first women were entering boot camp with no problems. The same arguments made against gays in the military were raised about women back then. Many people said the military would fall apart and turn into one big sexual orgy. None of their concerns were valid and our military became stronger - not weaker.

My boot camp was all men, my A school was all men, my C school was all men, and my ship was all men. Since then, women have entered into all of those areas and in each case they made the group stronger.

There was only one area I witnessed that gave women problems: fire-fighting. Some women could not physically handle fighting fires, but there was also just as many men who couldn't do it either. Despite being integrated in 1991, women were only allowed on submarines starting this year. That is just sad!

Women with Skills

Despite my sensitivity to this issue, twice last month I was guilty of wrongly assuming that work was done by men. When I wrote about a Department of Treasury agent that asked a group of hackers to help prosecute Bank of America - I referred to the agent as a "he" which was wrong. When I wrote about a hacker who bought down a defense contractor I was also wrong - the work was done by a 16 year old girl.

I love the fact that women are venturing into territories typically dominated by men! A young lady recently found a way to show that women can also have computer skills. Emma splintered off of hacker group Anonymous to form her own group Anonymiss.

I hope that leaders will soon realize that diversity doesn't harm an organization - it makes it stronger. What will it take for people to see that men and women are equals?

Best regards,

-- Gary Wright II

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