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Rolling Stone publishes war crime photos and videos

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

The current issue of Rolling Stone has an article about the "Kill Team" that murdered innocent civilians in Afghanistan. The photos and videos are very disturbing, but Rolling Stone has only published a few of them. German newspaper Der Spiegel has obtained over 4,000 photographs that document war crimes being committed by US troops.

I had originally planned on publishing some of them here on my blog, but I have decided not to do that out of respect for the victim's families. Having a loved one murdered for no reason is bad enough and I don't want to add to their anguish.

I do think it is important for people to know the truth and realize that these murders happen every day in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The government has went through great efforts to prevent the release of this evidence, but the families over there don't need photos to know what is happening to their sons and daughters.

We need to bring our troops home soon, but we also need to be sure they get the mental health treatment they need to rejoin society as productive citizens.

Wide but not Deep

It should be noted that these problems in the military are wide - but not deep. There are some very disturbed people in the military, but the majority of our troops are honorable and deserve praise for the excellent job they've done under the worst of circumstances.

Those guilty of war crimes should pay the price for their actions, but they don't represent most of those who are serving our country.

Best regards,

-- Gary Wright II

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