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Results of Project Unity Meetings

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

I just finished the last meeting with the informal Unity group and I'll post the results over the next few days.

Sometimes not making a decision is in itself a decision. We could no longer sit idle while watching our culture circle the drain. A lot of people said that we would not succeed, and they may be right. But, we would rather try and fail, than to just do nothing at all.

Some said our goal of tribal unity is impossible, but I disagree. Those same folks told me I would never win against the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. It was a 17 year fight for justice, but we won with a full repeal. If we all work together, I have no doubts we can achieve tribal unity. It won't be easy. It will take lots of time and effort from each of us, but it can be done.

Because the Unity group met in private and without tribal council, some of my own tribe have questioned my motives. I denounced my membership with the Echota Cherokee, and so I'm no longer a member of any tribe. I have nothing to lose and nothing to gain. I have no descendants, so tribal unity doesn't affect me either way. Other than an interest in justice, I have no other motivations.

What next? I'll post a topic and I hope you will discuss it and add your comments to the post. There is a whole lot of brainpower in this group and soon I would like to create a "formal" Unity group and invite each of you to join. With your help, we can achieve this!

Best regards,

-- Gary Wright II

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