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A 2011 holiday message from Gary Wright II

Friday, December 16th, 2011

As families gather for the holiday season, please take a moment to remember all of those less fortunate. Yesterday, I was bitching about missing lunch, but then realized how lucky I am to have three meals a day. I've been flat broke many times and I was once homeless for three days, but I've never known true hunger. I can only imagine a mother having to choose between mortgage or medicine. I can only imagine the agony of families unable to feed their children.

One of the greatest gifts to humanity is empathy. You don't have to experience things first-hand in order to learn from them.

Last April, so many families around me lost everything they owned during the tornado outbreak. The trees are growing back and the debris piles are slowly disappearing, but so many of the families are still trying to recover. Even those with insurance can't afford to pay the deductibles and that makes their insurance pretty much useless.

If we can expand our idea of family from small circles to include all of humanity, there would be so much less misery in the world. I don't celebrate Christmas or Thanksgiving, but I use both holidays to reflect on my life and try to think of ways to make life better for everyone. To me, every day is Thanksgiving. For others, I wish every day could be like Christmas!

Best regards,

-- Gary Wright II

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