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Education Should Be Free!

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

Education and learning should be free to anyone who wishes to partake. Knowledge does not belong to any individual, group, nation or tribe. It belongs to all of humanity.

Knowledge hoarding happens frequently in engineering, where an engineer doesn't want to share their knowledge. They think it makes them indispensable, gives them prestige, and provides job security. In the long run, it damages the entire company.

Of all I've studied about the Cherokees, there is only one "secret" that should be carefully guarded. Even in that case, the problem isn't an educational issue. It is a societal issue where irresponsible people may use that knowledge for selfish purposes.

In almost every case where someone claims their knowledge is "sacred," it is only being used to manipulate and control people. Anyone who refuses to share their knowledge is just insecure and selfish. The beauty of it is, these people aren't really needed.

Seek enlightenment for unselfish reasons, and enlightenment will continuously find its way to you. If an important discovery was made in the past, it can also be rediscovered in the present.

Best regards,

-- Gary Wright II

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