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A ground-breaking movie called "Bully"

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Tomorrow is the premiere of a ground-breaking movie called "Bully." Every young person MUST see this movie and huge celebrities (Martha Stewart, Meryl Streep, Justin Bieber) have fought to get the rating changed from R to PG-13. As Justin put it, "Thirteen year olds can handle the F word."

With the Internet, kids can no longer escape the reach of a school bully. They are now being tortured at home and at school, and this has to stop!

Lady Gaga and her mother Cynthia have created the Born This Way foundation to promote bravery, empowerment, and acceptance. Her message has been heard by millions and the movement is still growing day by day.

On September 19th, 2011, Jamey Rodemeyer hung himself from his swingset and another promising life was swept from this Earth. Jamey was a huge Gaga fan, and he had heard and understood the message. Everyone thought he was safe, but the relentless bullying became more than he could handle and he took his own life. Jamey was only 14 years old. This is just one tragic story out of millions.

Parents: Take your kids to see this movie, and then talk to your kids about bullying. If you have trouble talking to your kids, then start by LISTENING to them. Let them know you accept them for who they are. Tell them your love is unconditional.

Kids: Every soul is both precious and beautiful. Bullying someone is not cool! Stand up and protect others who are being bullied. Bullying can be stopped if we all work together.

If you or someone you know is ever in crisis, I have compiled a list of resources that can help you:

Best regards,

-- Gary Wright II

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