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Cyber-security in the US is PATHETIC!

Friday, March 30th, 2012

The state of cyber-security in the US is PATHETIC and it is getting worse - not getting better! Year after year, most government branches have failed to meet even the most basic security practices. Why are those failures never being addressed? If the security audit at my company ever failed, heads would roll and all involved would be immediately replaced with competent specialists. It's too late to worry about closing the fence once all of the horses have ran away. China is kicking our ass at every level and at this point, we will never be able to catch up! Never!!!

Here are just four headlines from my weekly security briefing:

Headline #1: FBI cyber chief Shawn Henry said that the US is "not winning" the war waged by hackers on corporate networks and that more and more often, FBI investigations turned up data stolen from companies that did not even know they had been infiltrated. James Lewis agreed saying, "There's a kind of willful desire not to admit how bad things are, both in government and certainly in the private sector."

Headline #2: Ex-US Cyber Czar Richard A. Clarke stated that Chinese hackers have infiltrated every major American corporation with "brutal" effects for American innovation, especially corporate R&D.

Headline #3: NSA Director and Commander of the US Cyber Command General Keith Alexander told the Senate Armed Services Committee that China was responsible for the attack on RSA last year. He also admitted that China is stealing large quantities of military intellectual property from the US.

Headline #4: CNN reports that a data breach at a payments processing firm has potentially compromised credit and debit card information from all of the major card brands.

These reports are scary and quite embarrassing for our country!!!

Best regards,

-- Gary Wright II

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