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Changing the name of Republican Party from GOP to the WTF party!

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

We need to go ahead and rename the Republican party from the GOP to the WTF party!?! As a business owner, I should probably support the Republicans, but as an American - I can't support them in any way.

The Republican party won't let us spend single penny to improve (or possibly save) our country, yet the GOP was completely fine with starting two unjustified wars that were COMPLETELY UNFUNDED! WTF?!?

The GOP has NO RIGHT to criticize President Obama in any way, because their short-sighted obstructionism made even the simple no-brainer tasks completely impossible. They were more concerned about getting rid of Obama than doing ANYTHING to help save our country. I have a long list of things that President Obama has accomplished, yet I can't think of a single positive thing the Republicans have done over the past four years. much less in the past twelve years.

A totally disconnected from reality Ryan: "This is about the land your children will inherit..." WTF?!? Because of the careless spending and policies of greed by the GOP, our families have nothing left to pass on to their children! They have made a hole that we may never claw our way out of, and yet they have the audacity to point their fingers to the other party? WTF!?!?

Tomorrow I'll write about how the actions of the GOP have caused businesses to hoard cash on the books and keep a freeze on hiring new workers.

Best regards,

-- Gary Wright II

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