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Ethos: A Time for Change

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

I just watched a great must-see film on America! Check out "Ethos: A Time for Change" = DirecTV customers - set your DVRs on channel 375 Link TV or visit the movie web site at

I don't want to be a defeatist, but I slightly disagree with their conclusion. I agree that consumers must spend their money carefully and only support the responsible corporations. That's called, "Voting with your wallet."

The part I disagree with, is that I think it is too late for that to work because families no longer have any dollars to spend.

We've never been a truly democratic country and nearly all of the folks in Congress are on the payrolls of big companies. Without citizens having a true vote, and with no money to influence leaders into doing the right thing, I don't see any way for the good guys to win.

It is too late to save America as we once knew it. We should make all members of Congress take the same salary and live in the same barracks as our military, but since they write all of the rules - that will never happen.

While all of the focus of the media is on the upcoming presidential election - why is nobody talking about the real problem with our country: Congress?

Best regards,

-- Gary Wright II

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