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  • Human Rights Activist
  • Plaintiff in historic Alabama class action lawsuit for marriage equality
  • Victim of Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy
  • Correspondence with President Barack Obama on DADT
  • Correspondence with President Bill Clinton on DADT
  • Correspondence with numerous members of Congress

Gary was a Plaintiff in the historic Alabama Strawser v. Strange class action lawsuit which won marriage equality statewide.

Gary testified at the Alabama Senate Judiciary Hearing against HB56 Marriage RFRA.

In Huntsville, Alabama, Gary was awarded a CommUNITY Award at the 2015 Rocket City Pride Festival.

Gary is a proud ally and supporter of the Franklin County High School (FCHS) Gay - Straight Alliance (GSA) in Winchester, Tennessee. See my YouTube Channel at for videos of the rallies, board meetings, and transcripts. A copy of the original speech that I prepared ahead of time, but didn't get a chance to give is also available.

Gary is currently producing two limited series about the struggle for equality in the South. Visit his Pride Against Prejudice project and for a collection of online resources for gays and lesbians, their parents, families, and friends.

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