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From an early age, Gary Wright II was fascinated with robotics. His father was a radio and television broadcast engineer, so Gary had an endless supply of parts for constructing his various electronic projects.

Gary's first computer was a TRS-80 Color Computer (CoCo) which he modified by hacking the hardware and software. Learning to program in BASIC around age 12, he became programmer and SysOp of a Bulletin Board Service (BBS) which served Huntsville, Alabama.

It was a 1989 relocation to Atlanta that Gary refined his technical management skills while serving as a technical manager for Showbiz Pizza / Chuck E. Cheese's. In addition to keeping the automated robotic entertainment show running smoothly, there were fifty coin operated kid rides and arcade games to maintain at each store location.

To gain formal training in advanced electronics, Wright enlisted in the US Navy in 1991. In less than four years, he had earned the rank of FC2 / E5 Petty Officer 2nd Class. Wright served aboard the destroyer USS Stout (DDG-55) as a RADAR and guided missile system expert. In addition to numerous awards and commendations, he is a recipient of the Navy Achievement Medal.

Just as Wright left the Navy in 1995, the television stations in North Alabama were just starting the TV Weather Wars and there was no one more qualified as a Doppler RADAR expert than Mr. Wright. While his father had done engineering for WAFF and WHNT, Gary Jr. went to work for Smith Broadcasting's WAAY-TV Channel 31 in Huntsville, Alabama. Many lives were saved as a direct result of Mr. Wright's work perfecting Doppler weather RADAR for the broadcast industry. He learned many valuable management lessons while working for station owner MD Smith, chief engineer Cactus Gay, and the broadcasting legend Gary Dobbs.

In order to learn every aspect of the telecommunications industry, Mr. Wright took engineering positions for several companies that span the entire spectrum of the industry. He worked as a support engineer for ADTRAN (CSU/DSUs), repair engineer for Atlantel (PBX / phone), a customer support engineer for Sprint (carrier / DACs), a quality assurance engineer for Glenayre Technologies (voicemail), and software QA engineer for Radiant Systems (Point of Sale).


President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Clever Things, LLC - Technical consulting and custom E-Commerce application development for small / medium business (SMB) market using Java, JSP, Servlets, J2EE, EJB, Apache, Jakarta Struts, Apache Tomcat, MySQL, Linux, Cisco switches and routers, Netopia routers, CSU/DSU, ISDN. Network security and business process consulting.

Software Quality Engineering Consultant for Insight Global / Radiant Systems (Alpharetta, GA) - Contracted to test XML conversions for business intelligence reporting for international petroleum company point of sale systems. Authored test plans, test scripts, and test automation using Mercury Test Director, Visual SourceSafe, and proprietary defect tracking tools. Led members from other departments and worked closely with the development team to ensure that product functionality met strict customer requirements. Monitored team progress and drove delivery of an on-time, quality product by keeping all stakeholders well-informed on project status. Helped drive existing Quality Engineering processes, while suggesting areas of improvement. Assisted in determining project risk factors and proposed possible solutions.

Software Quality Assurance Automation Design Engineer for Glenayre Technologies (Duluth, GA) - Test Engineering automated software testing of carrier-grade voicemail, voice recognition, text to speech, and other telephony products using Mercury Test Director, WinRunner, Load Runner, Empirix Hammer_IT, Java Servlets, Java Server Pages, MySQL, Jakarta Apache Tomcat Servlet Container, Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), Active Server Pages (ASP), Visual Basic 6, Visual C++, C#, ODBC, XML, HTML, JavaScript. Solution Lifecycle (SLC) process tracking using tools such as ClearCase, ClearQuest, Doors, Open Uptime, Test Case Designs, and Peer Reviews. RedHat Linux, Solaris, UNIX, Windows platform administration. Hardware / Software Quality Assurance.

Network Operations Specialist for Sprint (Contractor) (Atlanta, GA) - Installation testing of digital and analog voice / data circuits. Configuration of Tellabs 532L DACS, Alcatel 1/0 DEXCS, Tellabs Titan 5500 3/1 DACS, IMT testing, service delivery, circuit turn-ups. Remote testing using Hekimian REACT 2001, TDT2, PSN2.

Telecommunications Technician for Atlantel, Inc. (Atlanta, GA) - Testing and configuration of business telecommunications equipment (phones, PBX, key systems, CSU/DSU), AT&T, Legend, Merlin, Partner, NorStar, Meridian, Lucent, Northern Telecom.

Technical Support Specialist for ADTRAN, Inc. (Huntsville, AL) - Assisting both service providers and end users with provisioning and troubleshooting of T1/T3, HDSL, ISDN BRI/PRI, and DDS networking equipment for voice and data systems. Instrumental in creation of quality watchdog committee, and raising employee awareness of quality control issues during the design and manufacturing processes.

Broadcast Engineer / RADAR Expert for WAAY-TV (Huntsville, AL) - Installation and maintenance of integrated computer, RADAR, microwave, and satellite information systems. Developed digital network to process large amounts of scientific data and produce 3D weather prediction computer models for live newscasts. Assisted meteorologist in identifying and tracking tornadic weather during live emergency broadcasts for North Alabama.

Software Development and Software Quality Assurance Skills

Java: Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) / Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) / Java Server Pages (JSP) / Servlets / JavaScript / Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) / Jakarta Struts / Apache Tomcat / Ant / Velocity / Model View Controller (MVC) architecture

Structured Query Language (SQL) Database Administration: MySQL / Extensible Markup Language (XML) / Extensible Style sheet Language (XSL) / Extensible Style sheet Language Transformation (XSLT) / Triggers / Stored Procedures / Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)

Automation Tools: Mercury Test Director, WinRunner, Load Runner / Empirix Hammer / Speech Recognition / Sitraka JProbe / Expect / Linux Shell Scripts / UNIX Shell Scripts

Quality Assurance: Customer Requirements / Design Specifications / Test Case Design / Performance Benchmarking / Usability Testing / Problem Reporting and Tracking / Peer Review / Concurrent Versions Systems (CVS) / Subversion / Software Configuration Management (SCM)

Methodologies: Extreme Programming / Unified / Iterative / Waterfall

Data Communications and Telecommunications Skills

Broadcast: Satellite and Microwave Transceivers / Radio and Television Station Engineering / Doppler Weather radio detection and ranging (RADAR) / Military Missile Guidance RADAR / Global Positioning System (GPS)

Data Formats: Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) / Internet Protocol (IP) / T1 /T3 / Wide Area Network (WAN) / Local Area Network (LAN) / Ethernet / Fast Ethernet / Fiber / Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) / Basic Rate Interface (BRI) and Primary Rate Interface (PRI) / Dataphone Digital Service (DDS)

Telephony: Private Branch Exchange (PBX) / Key Systems / Speech Recognition / Voicemail / Paging Systems

Infrastructure: Routers / Switches / Hubs / Channel Service Unit (CSU) / Data Service Unit (DSU) / Digital Access and Cross-Connect Systems (DACS) / Frame Relay

Server Administration: Linux / Unix / Irix / Windows / Solaris

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