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Letter to the Cherokee Nation

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

To the leaders and members of the Cherokee Nation:

Dear Chief Smith,

I recently ran across several members of the Cherokee Nation who through Facebook groups and their own websites, are an embarrassment to your nation.

They have been posting blatantly racist remarks and defaming you and many other officials in their effort to further divide our people.

I always respect differences of opinion, but I feel they shouldn't be attacking their own brothers and sisters, especially in such a public forum.

I find their statements to be very offensive, and I've already taken swift action to shut down these groups wherever I may find them.

[Paragraph deleted that contained personal information]

I'm not sure what can be done on your end, but I hope you can find a way to counter many of their ridiculous assertions. If not, is there a way to make them say that they are NOT representing the Cherokee Nation. If they DO represent your nation, then you have much larger issues than just embarrassment.


-- Gary Wright II

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