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2006 Blog Archive

December 25th

World Feeling Sad on Xmas with the loss of James Brown at age 73

December 23rd

Three Atlanta Rappers are giving back to their community

December 21st

Gay / Lesbian Nativity Scene in Italy Parliament

December 21st

Three men plead guilty to burning nine churches in Alabama

December 18th

A look at the costs of war and how we got here

December 18th

Domestic Partner Benefits in Athens / Clarke County GA

December 11th

Condoms are too big for most Asian men

December 7th

What would happen if gay people went on strike?

December 1st

Rappers Ludacris and Young Jeezy Use Celebrity Status to Help Communities

November 16th

Cherokee Nation Raises Minimum Wage

November 7th

Where have all our leaders gone?

October 26th

Man circumsized daughter with a pair of scissors.

October 25th

New Jersey Supreme Court ruled gay couples have same rights as heterosexual couples.

October 5th

Foley Incident is not a Gay or Straight issue!

October 5th

Atlanta City Council urges Congress to end Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy

September 29th

The new Terror Trial bill was a complete waste of time!

September 19th

A Western White House? I don't think so!

September 7th

Eating Horses is now illegal - Congress must not have any damn horse sense!

September 4th

Crikey! The Death of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin

August 12th

Corpse Flower Blooms in NY

August 7th

The VA admits losing even more sensitive data.

July 24th

Many without power in US heat wave

July 6th

Two Court Rulings Today - Legal Setback for Gay Marriage Issue

June 30th

Why the American Legion has lost it's way

June 29th

US Supreme Court rules against Bush holding "Gitmo" trials

June 26th

Girls hearts are breaking cause Lance Bass of NSync is gay!

June 24th

Is it gonna rain on my parade?

June 17th

2006 Gay Pride week is starting up in Atlanta!

June 15th

Bill Gates quits his day job at Microsoft

June 14th

Requested removal of income limits on VA Priority Groups

June 13th

I support the vote to bring our troops home from Iraq

June 13th

Why I oppose the proposed flag desecration amendment.

June 12th

A Historic Day for All Americans, Cherokee Tsalagis, and United States Veterans

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