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2008 Blog Archive

August 18th

Preview of Paranormal State / Chip Coffey Birthday Aug 21st

August 10th

Issac Hayes - Dead at age 65

August 9th

Bernie Mac - Dead at age 50

August 5th

Chip Coffey Fans - Bday Surprise, Fan mail, and news!

August 3rd

Chip Coffey news and his story And Then The Flower Grew

July 18th

Children are NEVER a curse! About the Frank Ski Foundation

July 17th

Fantastic Cherokee Artwork for sale! (made by Goddess Raven)

July 13th

Frank Ski visits Samaritan Village Orphanage in Tanzania

July 11th

Do you own an Internet domain name? I have a secret to share!

June 30th

Please help me honor Jerry Lewis with Congressional Gold Medal!

June 29th

Leonard Peltier - Falsely imprisoned for 32yrs and counting!

June 27th

Why I love Atlanta and I LOVE The Dallas Austin Experience!

June 23rd

Comedian George Carlin - Dead at age 71

June 21st

Why you should NEVER talk to the police!

June 10th

Wexler & Kucinich introduced Articles of Impeachment

June 8th

Bo Diddley (December 30th, 1928 - June 2nd, 2008)

June 2nd

My sympathy to the family and fans of Bo Diddley

May 28th

Wexler - update on seeking impeachment and contempt charges

May 26th

To my fellow veterans and their families and friends

May 24th

Will Obama be assassinated in June? What did Hillary mean??

May 1st

"A Market for Niggaz" video by Taalam Acey - about real life

April 28th

What the f*** is a "state" Indian??? Don't diss your own people!

April 24th

Will you share a special moment with me?

April 21st

Why do 18 US veterans commit suicide each day?

April 8th

Please don't forget to include some important groups at The Center for Civil and Human Rights

April 2nd

Why I Love Atlanta Rappers T.I. and Ludacris

March 28th

Georgia Laws on Protecting Cemeteries

March 25th

Playground Safety - What every parent should know!

March 20th

Don't buy HD-DVD players & content! It's being discontinued

March 20th

Where is the Recognition? The plight of the Cherokee

March 18th

Two proposed laws will screw our disabled veterans

March 16th

Ask Elders how to save graves - bring back "Decoration Day"!

March 15th

Atlanta is recovering after a strong storm destroys downtown

March 15th

Contact Info to report grave desecration in Georgia

March 12th

House fails to override Veto on bill that restricts torture

March 11th

Study finds that 1 in 4 Teenage girls have STDs

March 9th

Advanced Strategies on Stealing Indigenous Resources

March 9th

BBC Documentary: CIA admits inventing Al Qaeda

March 9th

Bush vetoes bill that made "torture" illegal - so lets do it!

March 7th

We ain't dead yet! Native Americans are coming together!!!

March 7th

Is the Puppy Killer Marine moving to your neighborhood?!?!

March 6th

Cherokee Tears - part 2 (DNA proves ancestry)

March 5th

Will the Cherokee Nations hear my cries for justice?

March 5th

How to help soldiers and sailors without supporting the war

February 28th

Kickoff of my One Blood, One People, One Nation campaign

February 28th

Is the 2008 election already fixed like the last two???

February 26th

Bush Directive takes control of everything (State, local, tribal, private)

February 23rd

Echota Cherokee / Tsalagi & Philanthropists Wanted!!!

February 19th

The Longest Walk 2008 is still in progress!

February 17th

The ignorance displayed over a Bear / My 5 Bear comments!

February 15th

Why can't US define "torture"? I have an easy answer!

February 13th

How I Voted and Why

February 12th

Berkeley stand fast! Who are the REAL patriots???

February 10th

The Oath of a Patriot - We ALL need to remember this!

February 9th

Why Berkeley Must Stand Fast - Say F*** You to military!

February 3rd

Before you vote - PLEASE READ THIS!

January 31st

Army Blocks Vet Paperwork Aid at Fort Drum

January 30th

Cynthia McKinney is the only leader who gives me hope!

January 28th

Thank You Friends!

January 28th

The Bureau of White Affairs - Posted by Graywolf

January 27th

Can Native Americans survive another decade? Not without your help!

January 27th

I am giving up on helping my Cherokee brothers and sisters!

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