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2007 Blog Archive

December 21st

Does a photograph imply an endorsement? What if the subject is dead?

November 28th

DTV Transition - What you need to know

November 14th

Pictures of War

November 11th

A personal Veteran's Day message from Gary Wright II

November 4th

You want THE TRUTH? Can you handle THE TRUTH???

November 3rd

If Phelps wins, we will all be losers!

November 3rd

How much is integrity worth? For Yale, it is only $350 million!

November 3rd

I'm not psychic - I just pay attention!

November 1st

Fred Phelps wins the 2007 Asshole of the Year Award!

October 30th

The Ron Clark Academy has moved to Atlanta!

October 28th

I nominate Atlanta's Joseph Gargiulo as the 2007 Ass of the Year!

October 26th

US finally uses the "D" word (draft) and "the end" is near!

September 26th

If you don't have StreetCred, then you don't have shit!

September 23rd

American Blackout on TVone

September 2nd

I'm a "Jerry's Kid"

July 21st

We will miss you Tammy Faye!

June 11th

Dr. Holsinger is NOT fit for service as Surgeon General

June 5th

Marine punished for using his right of free speech against the war

May 22nd

American Blackout - What every American should know and see!

May 18th

VA Funding is NOT the problem!

May 17th

Former President Jimmy Carter Calls on Congress to Revisit "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy

May 5th

Bush painted into a corner in a new video by Al Qaeda #2 man Ayman al-Zawahiri

May 3rd

Why John McCain can't and will never be our President!

May 2nd

Police Corruption in Atlanta and DeKalb County

May 1st

Pentagon can't account for over $2,300,000,000,000 (2.3 TRILLION)

April 27th

What if we had listened to Cynthia McKinney?

April 26th

Atlanta Police shot 92 year old woman and their Plea Bargain sends wrong message!

April 24th

Think your medical records are private? You haven't heard of the MIB!

April 17th

Media Coverage of VA Tech Convocation was disgusting

April 15th

Web site for US Navy and Marine Corps

April 5th

Military Recruiter is a bigot and a racist - but the problem starts at the top!

March 10th

Latest School System Report Cards illustrate our failing education system

March 10th

I couldn't even recognize him! Eddie Van Halen - What have you done to yourself?

March 8th

Cherokee Nation Crumbling - Is it too late to save the United States?

March 7th

Veteran Healh Care is not a "new" issue - it has failed for many years

January 11th

Military Needs Support of the Gay / Lesbian Community

January 6th

US Army tries to get dead soldiers to re-enlist

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