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2011 Blog Archive

December 28th

No Good Deed = A "No Good" Deed

December 27th

My beef with the Echota Cherokees

December 26th

What's wrong with Gary?

December 20th

Cemetery Preservation Project Update

December 17th

Closing Huntsville tech school is a huge mistake

December 16th

A 2011 holiday message from Gary Wright II

November 27th

Tribal Unity Topic #1: Finances

November 27th

Results of Project Unity Meetings

November 16th

Respect for Marriage Act, DOMA, and Prop 8 update

November 11th

Veterans Day 2011

October 10th

An Occupy The Hood Update

September 22nd

Let's not lose another child because of a bully!

September 21st

Some words of wisdom for the human race

September 20th

DADT Repeal is now official - A new day for equal human rights

July 22nd

DADT Repeal officially takes effect on September 20, 2011

June 11th

Boycott and Protests against the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama

May 16th

The last year Jerry Lewis will host MDA telethon

May 15th

Michael Moore: Some Final Thoughts on the Death of Osama bin Laden

May 14th

Can the "People" Return "Power to the People?"

May 11th

Security tip: Encrypt your social media interactions

May 10th

Mail Policy for PFC Bradley Manning at JRCF in Fort Leavenworth

May 9th

Cartoon Pearls of Wisdom

May 5th

White House: Osama Bin Laden Dead

May 3rd

Typical Day for PFC Manning at Fort Leavenworth

May 1st

Tornado destruction across Alabama

April 19th

PFC Bradley Manning moving from Quantico to Fort Leavenworth

April 14th

Criticism grows over PFC Bradley Manning's detainment

April 13th

PJ Crowley Criticizes Pentagon for Denying UN Visit to Bradley Manning

April 13th

Kucinich Describes "Kafkaesque" Experience with DoD Over Manning

April 12th

US struggles to assert human rights transparency with treatment of PFC Bradley Manning

April 11th

Over 250 legal scholars are against treatment of PFC Bradley Manning

April 11th

UN torture expert denied private visit with PFC Bradley Manning

April 7th

Is Quantico another Guantanamo? Manning denied visits by UN, Amnesty Intl, and Congressman

April 5th

GOP and Dems have lost their damn minds! Here's three ways to help fix budget

March 31st

Rolling Stone publishes war crime photos and videos

March 28th

Hacker "The Jester" shuts up Westboro church web sites

March 25th

Misogyny is so old-fashioned. Girls can do it too!

March 22nd

Images and stories from Bradley Manning Support Day

March 20th

The secret elephant in the room - Manning and WikiLeaks

March 20th

International Bradley Manning Support Day

March 15th

James Goodale - Is Assange on his way to the U.S.?

March 15th

A Crisis of Conscience - Soldier Heroes Bradley Manning and Ethan McCord

March 13th

Obama shoots another messenger? Crowley out after Manning comments

March 6th

Karma in Kansas? Westboro Church tires were slashed at funeral protest on Friday

March 2nd

PFC Manning now facing 34 charges and life in prison

March 2nd

WikiLeaks, the evidence, and the lies on Fox News

March 2nd

Supreme Court ruling allows protests at funerals

February 24th

Julian Assange loses extradition case

February 23rd

Justice Department will no longer defend DOMA in legal challenges

February 23rd

New Benefits for Veterans and Their Caregivers

February 12th

PFC Bradley Manning is a national hero - not a criminal or traitor!

February 12th

Why Bradley Manning Is a Patriot, Not a Criminal ( / By Chase Madar)

January 21st

Say What??

January 20th

The second no show for the admirer of Poe

January 19th

The next world war - a quest for the truth

January 17th

Why Congress should fix health care reform - not repeal it!

January 14th

A Typical Day for PFC Bradley Manning

January 12th

Can't hide love for and volunteer detained

January 8th - and so the government witch hunt begins

January 7th

CA Supreme Court rules cops can search cell phones without a warrant

January 3rd

Lewd videos - Navy Captain Owen Honors of USS Enterprise must be relieved of duty

January 1st

Best wishes for 2011 and a look back at 2010

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