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2009 Blog Archive

December 31st

Waving the bullshit flag at Oracle acquisition of Sun

December 29th

VA Five-year plan to end homelessness among our veterans

December 24th

Weight and Pregnancy

December 20th

Brittany Murphy dead at age 32

December 18th

The murder of Cheyenne Chief Lean Bear

December 16th

Scientists unlocked entire genetic code of skin and lung cancer

December 16th

Redd Foxx - Christmas Poem

December 15th

Psychic Kids tonight - here's the scoop!

December 1st

The President's Address to the Nation

December 1st

Excerpts of the President's Address to the Nation

November 28th

What's been missing from the health care debate

November 28th

Gates and Obama block release of torture photos

November 15th

Atlanta Mayor Election

November 14th

Psychic Kids season two starts December 15th

November 11th

The response I got from President Obama

November 8th

Veterans Day 2009

October 31st

The Cherokee Legend of the Raven Mocker

October 21st

Photos from Echota Cherokee Pow Wow

October 19th

The truth about Afghanistan

October 18th

Some good Cherokee NDN news!

October 13th

President Obama Announces Tribal Nations Conference

October 12th

Oh My Josh! does Madonna at the Ritz Lounge NY

October 11th

Equality March 2009 - What Was Said

October 11th

You can quote me!

October 11th

The LOGO channel is dark today in honor of Equality March in DC

October 10th

Obama's keynote speech at HRC dinner

October 10th

CSPAN to cover Obama speech at HRC dinner tonight

October 9th

Tip of the Spear airs 8PM-EST on MSNBC

October 7th

National Equality March in DC this weekend

October 6th

Cherokee Language Software - Maybe in 2010?

October 3rd

Housewives of Atlanta's AJ was killed last night

October 2nd

On finding true love and the people you meet

October 1st

When the right things are done for the wrong reasons

October 1st

Plans for US Troop Withdrawal Announced

September 30th

I'm Losing My Battles: US-19 vs GW-0

September 23rd

Veterans with ALS - Important VA Benefits!

September 20th

Veterans with ALS - Benefits Available but deadline is 9/23

September 15th

Angelina, Walter, Perry, and Princess Scrappy

September 14th

Patrick Swayze just passed away

September 12th

A Cherokee in Egypt? When Two Worlds Collide...

September 12th

Justin Nozuka is going on tour

September 11th

The Dead Marine Photo Controversy

September 9th

ATL Pride Festival has moved to OCTOBER 30th!

September 6th

MDA & A Tribute to Ed McMahon

September 2nd

Please donate to the MDA telethon

September 2nd

Reposted: How Did We Get From There to Here?

September 1st

Atlanta 39th Annual Pride starts October 30th

August 28th

Story of Army PFC Barry Winchell murder

August 28th

All American Boys - a tribute to our veterans

August 27th

If history is a mirror - what would we see???

August 25th

US Fiscal Condition: Alarm Bells Now A Siren

August 23rd

US Economy: How big is a million dollars? Fun with money!

August 12th

Birthdays, MH, GW is a Jerry's kid, and MD

August 10th

Uh oh, I didn't listen to PETA - what do I do now?

August 10th

The Goddess Raven released a DVD today

August 7th

TMZ: Billy Mays autopsy found cocaine and drugs?

August 5th

The Quantum of Your Soul & Dangers of Eternal Life

August 4th

Super Producer Dallas Austin is changing face of music with

July 31st

FREE Book: My Cherokee Tears? is published to web

July 22nd

Native American Crafts / Crafters WANTED for TV!

July 22nd

US isn't alone - UK and Japan are also hit hard!

July 21st

Is the end near for America? It's pretty broken right now!

July 19th

Just posted MP3 of radio discussion on being gay in America

July 17th

Newsman Walter Cronkite - dead at age 92

July 16th

Sneak Peek of Atlanta Pride Photos from 2001 / 2003

July 14th

Atlanta: Dallas Austin album release party

July 9th

My Cherokee Tears? Part 1 - New Echota was just published to the web!

July 5th

McKinney and Americans being released from Israeli jail

July 3rd

Defense Secretary Robert Gates wants "flexible" DADT?

July 3rd

New Navy weapon makes guns obsolete!

July 1st

Obama pledges (again) to end "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

June 30th

BET 2009 Awards - very good this year!

June 30th

Humanitarian supply ship just captured by Israeli Navy

June 29

Billy Mays - Number one "pitch man" dead from heart disease

June 27th

Thanks for your prayers - I received 7 miracles this week!

June 27th

My Interview with Psychic Medium Chip Coffey

June 26th

Alabama Indians aren't "authentic"? Bullshit!

June 26th

Larry EchoHawk: "The Cherokee Nation no longer exists"

June 25th

The only Michael Jackson cover song performed by Struggler??

June 25th

I've been shuffled like a deck of cards today!

June 25th

TMZ just confirmed - Michael Jackson is dead!

June 25th

Michael Jackson dead from suicide (drug overdose)?

June 25th

Michael Jackson was just taken to hospital

June 25th

Ed McMahon died today too?

June 25th

Farrrah Fawcett dead at age 62 from cancer

June 25th

Visualization of campaign money to Senators

June 24th

A Lesson on Grace - I acted stupid!

June 23rd

Ghost Hunters - Check out the spirit orbs I caught on film!

June 23rd

My recent epiphany on our military policies

June 23rd

Thank you Echota Cherokee - We had a very pleasant trip!

June 22nd

Just one day? McKinney: Bushism without Bush?

June 22nd

Veterans and families - Survey on Pain and Malpractice info

June 20th

Cherokee historic sites lose funding / book coming soon!

June 19th

Cynthia McKinney makes (another) trip to Gaza!

June 18th

I really miss Tip (TI) & I will always defend him!

June 17th

8 minute documentary on DADT - Are we ready? Yes!

June 17th

DADT - President Obama - keep your promise!

June 17th

SLDN Freedom to Serve Rally - March 13, 2009

June 17th

U.S. Conference of Mayors Urges Action on DADT

June 17th

SLDN Urges President to Address "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

June 17th

Brain Drain, Talent, Growth, and Baby Boomers

June 17th

PBS Independent Films episode "Ask Not" on DADT

June 16th

Living in pain? Find treatment options at

June 15th

I love my country, but HATE our government!!!

June 15th

More thoughts from Jim Standing Bear

June 15th

The Resurrection is coming! (Struggler news!)

June 15th

Must See Movie: Food, Inc. - you will never eat the same!

June 14th

The Martha Influence & Company Philosophy

June 12th

Kung Fu David Carradine dead at age 71

June 12th

Wisdom from an elder of my tribe (Echota Cherokee) reposted

June 12th

Supreme Court will not hear appeal "Dont' Ask, Don't Tell"

June 11th

NEW JERSEY AREA: Oh My Josh! at Deko Lounge - Sayreville, NJ

June 11th

If you are a fan of Martha Stewart, please send condolences

June 10th

My dearest friends, I'm passing the baton to the next generation

June 9th

Danny Noriega News: Danny's first video was just released!

June 9th

Please ask Obama to repeal the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy

June 9th

Chip Coffey Fans - Watch a Montage created by fan Michelle

June 4th

Serial Killers Named Wayne (Inspired by Dennis Bryson)

June 3rd

Rumors about my band Struggler℠

June 1st

You stupid little shit! It is EMO - not EMU!!!! only in Alabama!

May 29th

Clancy died in our arms, and we are just totally devastated!

May 27th

I used to cry because I didn't have any shoes, until I met a boy who had no feet.

May 27th

Cynthia McKinney's stalker pleads guilty!

May 25th

A Memorial Day 2009 message from Gary Wright II

May 23rd

A personal message for my friends during tough times

May 22nd

Metallica One / Johnny Got His Gun - Dalton Trumbo

May 21st

The syntax of race: Which box do YOU check???

May 15th

Danny Noriega (American Idol) video on "We are all the same"

May 14th

On psychic powers, ghost hunting, and American Indians

May 13th

Check out "Oh My Josh!" - Joshuah Michael

May 12th

2nd season taping of Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal

May 10th

A boy and his dog - In Memory of Nadia Wright

May 2nd

He is back.... Twitter me at

April 5th

Check out the music from Luke Mabrey!

April 5th

Thanks to my friends - I will visit the tribe very soon!

March 15th

An update from Gary Wright - Thank you all!!!

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