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2010 Blog Archive

December 22nd

President Obama signs repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell

December 20th

The next struggle for human rights - Cyberization

December 18th

Defense Secretary Robert Gates on repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell

December 18th

Admiral Mullen on repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell

December 18th

President Obama on repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell

December 18th

Congress repeals Don't Ask, Don't Tell - A historic event

December 16th

Three words for today: Obstructionism & Righteous Indignation

December 16th

Some things are worth repeating - Repeal DADT

December 15th

House repeals DADT (for 2nd time) - Here is my summary of the debate

December 11th

America desperately needs more heroes - NOT more Neros!

December 9th

Senate votes against working on the 2011 Defense Authorization Act

December 6th

Appeals court hearing on California Prop 8 marriage case

December 6th

Senate repeal of DADT looks unlikely and how that hurts our military

December 1st

Update on our economy, employment, and details of the $9 trillion bailout

November 30th

President Obama on the DOD Report on Don't Ask, Don't Tell

November 30th

Details of DOD Report on repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell

November 29th

Pentagon report on repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell released

November 19th

Daily Show on John McCain and DADT repeal

October 29th

McCance and how a horrible person brought out the best of us

October 28th

Demand that Clint McCance is removed from school board!

October 26th

US responsible for torture - will Wikileaks documents lead to action by UN?

October 22nd

President Obama participates in the It Gets Better project

October 22nd

Update on repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy

October 22nd

Boy Scouts leaders should be ashamed of no honor

October 19th

Pentagon tells military recruiters to accept gays and lesbians

October 18th

Marriage CA Prop 8 San Francisco answering brief filed today

October 14th

Dropping my DADT legal challenge and reasons why

October 12th

I just lost my legal case against Don't Ask, Don't Tell

October 10th

Neuroscientist theory on anatomy of gay male brain

October 7th

Employment, unemployment, capitalism, and our economic crisis

October 6th

Nine years in Afghanistan and no Osama?

October 6th

Supreme Court has some tough decisions to make - what do you think?

October 4th

Bullies, teens, and parents - Let's have a discussion

October 4th

11 face corruption charges in AL and GA judge busted with drugs and guns

October 2nd

Letter from my Senator proves Congress needs reality check

September 30th

For LGBT Youth - Every life is precious. Don't be a bully!

September 27th

My faith in the US and a tough question is answered

September 24th

I am outraged and a call to action for those who can vote!

September 22nd

Florida Adoptions and California Prop 8 opening brief

September 22nd

Senators / Representatives to be replaced next election

September 21st

Senate voting record on Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal filibuster

September 21st

Myths and lies about the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy

September 20th

Excerpts from Lady Gaga speech at DADT Repeal Rally

September 17th

Lady Gaga sends message to the Senate

September 9th

Federal court rules Don't Ask, Don't Tell is unconstitutional

August 31st

President Obama - Ending the War in Iraq

August 27th

Is Atlanta chaos an economic bellwether?

August 25th

The press, news media spin, and WikiLeaks secret documents

August 18th

Prop 8 Update - CA Left at the Altar?

August 15th

Why politicians suck & FDR's Bill of Rights

August 10th

Cost of American Workers and Economy

August 4th

Prop 8 decision summarized by Gary Wright II

August 4th

Here I Stand - Valedictorian speech by Erica Goldson

August 3rd

Legal Bullies: Nissan Motors and the FBI

July 30th

Tribal Law & Order - Rape is NOT cool!

July 27th

What do Christians have against dogs?

July 27th

Economy, jobs, deflation, and confidence

July 4th

July 4th and our Quest for Independence

June 30th

Kagan hearings - Alabama: Let's find Senator Jeff Sessions a new job!

June 21st

Earth song - Michael Jackson - This Is It

June 16th

Wolf Point Rise

June 12th

Q & A with GW - You Don't Know Me!

June 4th

What questions would you ask your favorite celebrity?

May 31st

Today I'm retiring from activism

May 29th

President of Malawi Pardons Monjeza and Chimbalanga

May 28th

Voting Results of HR 5136

May 27th

House and Senate Armed Services Committee repeal DADT!

May 25th

To my dear friends - the end of DADT may be soon!

May 21st

Should protests at funerals be made illegal?

May 20th

Join me in a boycott against British Petroleum (BP)

May 20th

Let's send a strong message to Malawi!

May 18th

Worst Ecological Disaster in History

May 18th

If you need a really good laugh - watch this!

April 22nd is published to web

April 21st

Food, Inc. - You will never eat the same!

April 20th

Military says fat kids are a threat to national security

April 15th

Obama orders hospitals to grant visitation rights to gays and lesbians

April 14th

Autism and How to Treat It

April 13th

My How To Train Anybody Technique

April 13th

Gulf War Syndrome and our veterans

April 7th

NSU mourns the passing of Wilma Mankiller

April 7th

My prayer upon the passing of Cherokee Wilma Mankiller

April 5th

How Twitter changed the world

April 5th

How being nice can change the world!

April 5th

Great Hair Through History

April 4th

Business leaders: The Corporation - my notes on the documentary

April 3rd

Live Your Life - T.I.

March 31st

Martha Stewart shows how to put a chicken to sleep!

March 30th

Constance, Derrick, and Juin - Three teens who just changed the world!

March 29th

Juin Baize - Can anybody help his family? Pensacola? PFLAG?

March 26th

My Response to the Marine Commandant

March 26th

Why are people so mean to each other?

March 25th

Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy changed today

March 24th

When Inspiration Finds You

March 23rd

The Prom Injunction for Constance

March 13th

Maps, Money, and Haiti

March 13th

Latest Consumer Gadgets for 2010

March 12th

Current State of the US Economy

March 12th

Caveats of the DADT Repeal

March 9th

Supreme Court will hear case against Westboro Baptist Church

March 6th

Legislation to Repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell

February 19th

Long Beach Wilson High Students Drown Out Anti-Gay Protestors

February 18th

Blood Quantum - Why It Matters, and Why It Shouldn't by Christina Berry

January 19th

Is a charity legit? How to help when you have no money.

January 16th

With your help - I think we made some progress today

January 16th

Letter to the Cherokee Nation

January 16th

Help me shutdown a racist group on Facebook

January 14th

Does pride equal racism? It depends.

January 13th

Ft Lauderdale - Want to meet Aaron Carter in person?

January 11th

Ok, who brought the cat in heat???

January 10th

Accuracy of Rolls and Cherokee Equality

January 10th

Here is the proof you asked for! NDN and Vet!!!

January 10th

Cherokee Nation - You disgust me sometimes!

January 9th

Is Osama Bin Laden dead or alive?

January 7th

Documenting Native American History is nearly impossible!

January 3rd

Sacred Cherokee Formulas - A True National Treasure

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