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2012 Blog Archive

October 12th

In Loving Memory of Matthew Shepard

October 1st

Twenty-one years ago I started my RADAR journey.

September 30th

Upcoming Supreme Court session will decide same-sex marriage cases

September 29th

Nakotah LaRance is a world champion Native American Dancer

September 25th

The upcoming Presidential Debates - This ought to be good!

September 23rd

NDNs, War, and Peace

September 20th

Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal and the GOP Republicans

September 18th

Alabama Referendum for bankrupt state funds

September 14th

World War II 71st Infantry Division Reunion

September 10th

What's wrong with Gary? (An Update)

September 6th

How is politics killing our job growth?

September 5th

Recalibrate your time machines!

September 4th

The Democratic Party 2012 Platform

September 3rd

Japanese Anime: Ghost In The Shell / Standalone Complex and Bleach

September 2nd

Ethos: A Time for Change

September 1st

Changing the name of Republican Party from GOP to the WTF party!

August 31st

Is Grissom High JROTC instructor a bully? I think so!

August 30th

Harvey Levin on GOP / Gay Marriage

August 19th

A Cherokee Reality Check

August 15th

My notes from watching E! Investigates Bullying: Celebs Speak Out

August 13th

Mitt Romney? No fucking way!!!

August 10th

A Tale of Two Kitties

July 18th

Big Brothers / Big Sisters must be black?

July 17th

Boy Scouts will continue excluding gays

June 6th

Seth MacFarlane on journalism and the upcoming election

June 5th

California Prop 8 rehearing en banc is DENIED!

May 17th

Cemetery Preservation for Veterans

May 15th

Ancient Indian Mound in Florence Alabama

May 14th

Words of wisdom from Tecumseh

May 5th

My Favorite Daily Prayer

May 3rd

What to say to a weary warrior?

April 27th

2011 Tornado Outbreak - A Year Later

April 17th

My Quest to Find the Legendary Uktena Horned Serpent

April 13th

Trailer Park Syndrome

April 12th

Ugly Baby Syndrome

April 9th

Debra Meeks - In Loving Memory

March 31st

The Dark Corner: A Documentary

March 30th

Cyber-security in the US is PATHETIC!

March 29th

Rich People Problems

March 28th

Criteria of the Cherokees

March 27th

A ground-breaking movie called "Bully"

March 26th

Our Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans

March 25th

Junk Science and the Paranormal

March 24th

Education Should Be Free!

March 5th

Psychic Chip Coffey Comes Out on Twitter

March 3rd

Native American Shocking Statistics

March 2nd

Deadly tornado outbreak strikes the South

March 1st

Would you buy a haunted house? Need to sell one?

February 28th

What are the Cherokees fighting for?

February 27th

That childhood song says what?

February 7th

California Prop 8 ruled unconstitutional

February 4th

Neil deGrasse Tyson - If I Were President

February 2nd

Update on California Proposition 8 Case

January 23rd

Hytop NEXRAD Upgrade

January 23rd


January 16th

Cherokee Language and Grace

January 1st

Happy New Year 2012! The Year Ahead

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